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Smit’s about to get real…

Who is Smit?

Before doing stand-up comedy, Santa Rosa, CA native Cody Smit started out as a rapper under the stage name, C-Smitty.  After realizing he was tone-deaf and possessed no rhythm, he gave up on his dreams of becoming a white rapper and took to stand-up comedy. His first gig was at a slam poetry open mic and consisted of him jotting down jokes about an ex-girlfriend on a bar napkin. His would-be set quickly escalated into a drunken tirade about her infidelity. Before he knew it, Smitty was producing and hosting comedy shows throughout Sonoma County. At 22 years old, Cody learned the art of what it truly means to “bomb” on stage in the preliminary rounds of the San Francisco Comedy Competition. Now he does so with class and dignity.

Known for his blatant sarcasm, keen wit and situational awareness, Cody Smit is an extraordinary writer and has a charismatic stage presence. Smit has performed at every major comedy club in Northern California – Cobb’s Comedy Club, The San Jose Improv, San Francisco Punchline, Tommy T’s, etc. and has worked with the San Francisco Bay Area’s most talented comedians. Smit has learned to charm audiences through self-deprecation  and exploiting his real life tribulations.



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